Saturday, August 15, 2009


Jacob My Son,

This year marks over a decade you've been here on this earth and words cannot express the love I have in my heart for you, my niece, and nephew. Although I have written lot's of article's and expressed how much I care about you in many ways, only to seem it never reaches you. Only God knows how you feel and being that I have a personal relationship with him, it's inevitable that we unite as one! Our family is only going to grow larger and pray that we will all meet together very soon.This blog is intended for "My Son Jacob" and is to be continued...

Love & Respect,

Your Bio+Father



Attention: Anna: Online Talent Directory:

1st of all, we trust this finds you well. We just wanted to let you know here at PatEliCom™ which by the way was founded using the actor Eli Spruill's first and middle name, This is the name of his personal business, & coincidentally was also created the year of his sons birth 10 years ago this July. However the actor's original site has been misdirected, there for is no longer related to him or his business, or as actor model artist. We have an affiliate currently working on the new site and will notify you with the new address ASAP! Basically what we are communicating to you here is Eli, Pat the actor = Eli Spruill = is and can be googled + patelicom, eli spruill, or p.e.spruill and find any of the combination to be related to Eli Spruill. At any rate the original site was linked by Eli,Pat from to Eli Spruill and now it's not clear who it's linked to or affiliated with. It appears that someone just wanted to claim the domain, which to Eli S. doesnt matter one way or the other, it was just a website with a portion of his first and middle name. Thanks very much for your time and have a blessed day.