Friday, August 27, 2010

“Merrell Ultimate Outsider”

Attention Team Merrell:

In regards to naming a shoe for such company, a craftsman and pioneer in his own right. My business partner was Unhesitating on a name and decided pretty quick. I like what she stomped out, and rapidly I might ad! However I believe after time + years and more years = edifice of a masterwork in which MERRELL has put into each and every shock absorbing, stabilizing, orthopedic, piece of footwear! I dare utter that we should ponder this one for a while, after all it is a lifetime of good old fashioned hard work ! When making the choice and naming this shoe it should be nothing short of an immaculate achievement, like Mr. Merrell’s Footpaths. At any rate presenting to the General Population. “+The Ultimate Outsider+1973+” = [MUO+1973]. My micro company is open to a simple modification of the name or names. Simple=[MUO][TUO][OUTSIDER]any combo resulting in favor of "Merrell Ultimate Outsider" or Merrell’s original M1=PatEliCom‘s[MIVX][MUOIVX][M9X]retrofitting the name to a probable number of designs and or boot’s Merrell has constructed since honing his craft and fathering the company. In closing we Greatly anticipate owning a pair of “Merrell Ultimate Outsider’s,” furthermore we could go on and on but then our [MUO]’s would never blaze the trail ahead of us like our distinguished predecessor Mr. Robert Merrell.



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