Monday, December 7, 2009

Elvis Presley, Love Me Tender, & Ken Laager.

To the highest bidder, or Elvis fan w/same or equal interest in this particular art piece by Mr. Ken Laager. The Elvis Presley Porcelain Plaque was sold exclusively by The Franklin Mint in 1997. I have to admit openly that it is one of the most beautiful pieces of artwork that I own. This collection of Elvis memorabilia is not shabby either, saying the least. We have decided to start a blog regarding this item due to the fact that we contacted the artist himself whom was unable to determine a value of the piece due to the exclusive rights of the franklin mint. However if you are interested in an open discussion or bidding...It is New and will arrive In the Box that it was originally shipped in! This signed, framed, limited edition portrait of Elvis Presley by artist Ken Laager is printed on porcelain and issued by the Franklin Mint. Titled "Love Me Tender" and is new in box with certificate of authenticity on the back. This plaque is officially authorized by Graceland. Beautifully matted, with toned leather, and displays a brass name plate with the title of work. The frame is made of wood. The plaque is, In Mint Condition, No longer in Production, Limited Edition & Soldout! Contact the author of this blog or discuss the art, here:

Elvis Presley, Portrait, by Ken Laager

Thanks very much and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Old Fashioned Values

I'm an old fashioned fellow with old fashioned values. I've thought about the past memories here and there. I'd have rather spent all the time in the world + allow unusual behavior than loose a good friend or family member any day! I just visited a dear friend’s home who was unable to be there due to medical reasons. My time was spent in their yard a week or so ago. Her oldest child was there remodeling her kitchen etc. Her youngest was helping and then off to work elsewhere. This is the nature of life, it takes its course no matter what, when, or how hard we try to mold and shape it, "we are just passengers here on this earth, make the best of it" as my grandmother once told me around 30 years ago. RIP JSS 1923-2003

Friday, October 9, 2009

"+P.E.Spruill Quotes"

"For where my will is the path shines brightly in front of me." quote. +Eli Spruill ©10/09

“I contemplate the image on earth, capturing the emotions that flow through me, having been torn near it’s entirety from my first born child” quote. +P.E. Spruill ©7/1999

"One can learn allot about their inner being and how others perceive you, it’s especially done through their lens." quote. +P.E. Spruill ©7/1996

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our U-11 Tigers

There is a great feeling that comes over you when getting involved with the coaching of 12+ 8, 9, &10 year olds! It's hard to put into words, but I'll attempt to explain in brief detail here. Work, work, all week long, but there is still time to stop the grind and get out there on the soccer field with our children and play! It releases all the tension and pent up energy form the daily routine of life in general. We highly recommend not just watching but getting involved in the actual soccer scrimmages with your kids, its just as exciting for you as it is for them, well at least nearly. The entire family will benefit from the exercise + the rewards for the parents and tigers are limitless! Enjoy those soccer practices, games, moments of teaching + learning, which in turn you will receive the prize of joy in the end. We extend Grace and blessings from one coach/parent to another.

Golf & Fresh Air

Day to day grind, chores, maintenence, things getting old that must be replaced can get the best of us! However there is one exception lately, after my works done, it’s the golf course. When I’m out there making my rounds and turning the turns, even when there are others near, I feel a great sense of privacy, courage, and appreciation, clarification, and it’s very rewarding, basically a slice of heaven on earth. Just for a moment at times after walking thousands of yards time simply stops for me and everything else around me slows down too. I get to actually take a few deep breaths of fresh air + take in the awesome surroundings, instead of the tainted crap that I’m use to dealing with on a regular basis. My overexcited nervousness or what feels like hectic concern seems to dissolve into the wood line.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


The NCYSA penalties in regards to risk management found to be a bit much when it comes to the American born, bred, locally raised, activist, and volunteer. We wrote an extensive article in great detail on how the NCYSA and its president/liaison handled without due-regard, one of our true unsung and unknown hero’s, the American volunteer. Stay tuned to find out what we had to say about this example of this particulars association’s outlandish and ridiculous misfortune of one of its closest affiliates, family youth programs + association the YMCA.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Jacob My Son,

This year marks over a decade you've been here on this earth and words cannot express the love I have in my heart for you, my niece, and nephew. Although I have written lot's of article's and expressed how much I care about you in many ways, only to seem it never reaches you. Only God knows how you feel and being that I have a personal relationship with him, it's inevitable that we unite as one! Our family is only going to grow larger and pray that we will all meet together very soon.This blog is intended for "My Son Jacob" and is to be continued...

Love & Respect,

Your Bio+Father



Attention: Anna: Online Talent Directory:

1st of all, we trust this finds you well. We just wanted to let you know here at PatEliCom™ which by the way was founded using the actor Eli Spruill's first and middle name, This is the name of his personal business, & coincidentally was also created the year of his sons birth 10 years ago this July. However the actor's original site has been misdirected, there for is no longer related to him or his business, or as actor model artist. We have an affiliate currently working on the new site and will notify you with the new address ASAP! Basically what we are communicating to you here is Eli, Pat the actor = Eli Spruill = is and can be googled + patelicom, eli spruill, or p.e.spruill and find any of the combination to be related to Eli Spruill. At any rate the original site was linked by Eli,Pat from to Eli Spruill and now it's not clear who it's linked to or affiliated with. It appears that someone just wanted to claim the domain, which to Eli S. doesnt matter one way or the other, it was just a website with a portion of his first and middle name. Thanks very much for your time and have a blessed day.



Friday, March 20, 2009

Fitness by PatEliCom™

Fitness by PatEliCom™ Source: :: RePosted:MARCH.17,2009

Although fitness and health have similar properties, they are in reality, two very different concepts. While health refers to the absence of diseases, fitness refers to the degree of body functioning and the ability of the body to handle physical demands. The more efficient the body functions, the higher the level of fitness. The higher the level of fitness, the greater is the chance of the body being free of diseases and maintaining a healthy state. Fitness is a major part of a preventative medicine advance to health.Benefits of Exercise and FitnessCorrect and regular exercises result in a large number of benefits, not only to the body but also to the mind. The key benefits that you will derive are mentioned below.*It improves your mental outlook and your mood due to the release of chemicals called endorphins in the body. *It improves general health, wards off diseases, and slows down the aging process. *It helps you to achieve a better body composition e.g. lower body fat and more muscle. *It improves the state of mind, promotes better mental health, and improves sleep. *It helps in achieving better bone density. *It enhances self confidence and improves the appearance of the person. *It helps to avoid atrophy. Atrophy refers to the shrinkage of muscles as a result of little or no exercise. Exercise leads to hypertrophy, which refers to the tissues and muscles gaining in strength due to overload.
Source: : : Posted: November 14, 2008 Fitness by P.E.Spruill

Components of Fitness There are five basic components of fitness, each of which is explained below. A. Cardio respiratory endurance. It is the ability to perform prolonged large-muscle dynamic exercises at moderate-to-high levels of intensity. It is a central component of fitness that trains the heart and makes it healthier and more efficient. B. Muscular strength. It is the amount of force that a muscle can exert with a single maximum effort. Adequate muscular strength is important for body alignment and also for the performance of daily tasks. An increase in muscular strength means increased fat-free mass and therefore a higher rate of metabolism. Maintaining strength and muscle mass is also vital for healthy aging. C. Muscular endurance. It is the ability to sustain a given level of muscle tension. It is important for good posture, injury prevention, and for the performance of various physical tasks. D. Flexibility. It is defined as the ability of joints to move through their full range of motion. Poor flexibility, which can be improved by exercises, leads to stiffness, misalignment, and pain. E. Body composition. It is defined as the proportion of fat-free mass (muscle, bone, and water) and fat in a body. Healthy composition is a high proportion of fat-free mass and a low proportion of fat. Weight training is the best way to add muscle mass. Motor FitnessFactors such as speed, agility, eye-hand coordination, and eye-foot coordination are classified as components of "motor" fitness. Although motor fitness is mostly inherited, it can be developed over time. Motor fitness is essential for all sports especially where the brain has to react quickly to control the limb movements. For example, table tennis, shooting etc.
VO2 MaxVO2 Max is a measure of fitness. The more fit a muscle, the more oxygen it draws from the blood. This is made possible by an increased quantity of myoglobin, which is the oxygen storing protein of the muscles. A person who is fit will be able to store more oxygen from the air as compared to unfit people. Exercise increases the cardiovascular fitness which in turn increases the amount of blood and oxygen that goes to muscles at every heart beat. VO2 Max is a measure of how much oxygen is consumed by a person per minute of exercise. This is done by asking the athlete to wear a mask so that the amount of oxygen used per minute during exercise can be calculated. Arterio-Venous Oxygen Difference (VO2 difference) VO2 difference can be defined as the measure of oxygen that is consumed by the muscles. It is the difference between the oxygen content of the blood in the arteries and the oxygen content of blood in the veins. While only about 25% oxygen is utilized when a person is resting, this can exceed to about 80% during exercise. Calculate Your Exercise Heart Rate RangeIn order to calculate the range of your heart rate during exercise, just follow the following steps. *Estimate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220 i.e. 220-age. *Determine your lower limit exercise heart rate by multiplying your maximum heart rate by 0.6. *Determine your upper limit exercise heart rate by multiplying your maximum heart rate by 0.9. Your exercise heart rate range is between your upper and lower limits.Health benefits at the lower range are usually enough for most individuals and also improve the fitness levels. Trainers should be careful with clients who take medicines for high blood pressure as they could affect the heart rate.patelicom

Source: : Posted: MARCH 19,2009 Fitness by P.E.Spruill