Sunday, October 4, 2009

Golf & Fresh Air

Day to day grind, chores, maintenence, things getting old that must be replaced can get the best of us! However there is one exception lately, after my works done, it’s the golf course. When I’m out there making my rounds and turning the turns, even when there are others near, I feel a great sense of privacy, courage, and appreciation, clarification, and it’s very rewarding, basically a slice of heaven on earth. Just for a moment at times after walking thousands of yards time simply stops for me and everything else around me slows down too. I get to actually take a few deep breaths of fresh air + take in the awesome surroundings, instead of the tainted crap that I’m use to dealing with on a regular basis. My overexcited nervousness or what feels like hectic concern seems to dissolve into the wood line.

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